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Getting High on Hy

19 Apr 2014

My good friend Paul Tagliamonte recently gave a talk at PyCon 2014 about his language, Hy. It’s effectively Lisp implemented inside Python (so cleanly that Python itself doesn’t care to differentiate the result from any other Python code).

It’s a solid talk that covers a lot of good ground about some of the cool stuff you can do with Hy, and especially about the internals of exactly how Hy works, which is really fascinating stuff. There’s even a shout-out to our shared love, Docker!

The video can be found on YouTube, but I’ve also embedded it below for your viewing pleasure.

If you’d like to give Hy a try, you can check it out with try-hy, which is Hy running sandboxed on Google App Engine so you can play with it freely inside your browser.


;; python-sh from hy

(import [sh [cat grep]])
(print "Words that end with `tag`:")
(print (-> (cat "/usr/share/dict/words") (grep "-E" "tag$")))
$ hy sh/tagwords.hy
Words that end with `tag`: