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22 Nov 2014

I am really late coming to this train. This has been on my list since the day it was released, and today I finally found the time to sit alone and digest.

To say that it was “emotionally moving” would be a gross misrepresentation of the film. There were clearly some aspects added for dramatic effect, but if you strip away (for example) the demonization of the opposition’s actions, the proceedings remain absolutely astounding and the results entirely heartbreaking.

That a society which claims to be as advanced as ours does (technologically, morally, socially, militarily, etc) could demoralize an individual in this manner seems terminally and criminally corrupt.

When my filesystem gets corrupted, I try to desperately salvage any of the useful information (usually while trying to salvage the entire filesystem), and once my efforts have proven to have provided all the fruits they possibly can, I proceed to format the drive and begin again. Sometimes, a system needs to be rebooted. A fresh install of the operating system usually extends the life of a system by a measurable amount of time.

Perhaps reinstalling our base operating system is worth a try?